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Coyote Moon Herb Company began in 1986. The name came from a meeting with a coyote in the desert. I was afraid; yet this coyote seemed to want to make contact. She’s a trickster in the Lakota Indian tradition and I feel coyote medicine on my life’s path. Coyote medicine gives me a sense of direction that feels like I am doing what I want to do; and I know there are greater, divine powers at work. As I look back on my journey in learning about herbs, what a strange trip its been! I feel so blessed in being ”tricked” into my herbal initiation!! Somehow, I’ve come to realize that herbs are my life long companions and I wonder how I ever lived without them...

The ”moon” part in my company name speaks of the sense of wonder and power I feel connected to the moon. I’m fascinated by the way it makes me feel. Gardening by the moon, making herbal tinctures, howling and observing my ebb and flow are part of the ways I use the feminine aspect of this lunar cycle.

Coyote Moon Herb Company believes in the mysteries of our planet Earth. I honor the plants, the soil and the wildness of how seeds sprout and become an herb. I honor the friendships I have with plants. Our bodies are most aware of our affinity with flowers and plants. They are our allies, our medicine.

Theresa Finkbeiner received her Master Herbalist degree from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing in 1985. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 1982. Theresa went on to receive a diploma in Massage Therapy in 1991 from Fla. School of Massage in Gainesville. Presently she lives in Pensacola, where she’s been teaching at Fortis Institute since 2010. Previously she instructed at Florida's Therapeutic Massage School for 12 years. Theresa has been teaching herbal medicine, leading herb walks and doing herbal consultations since 1985. She enjoys pulling weeds, planting and collecting seeds, folk dancing, traveling and meeting new plants and herbalists! She has a private practice and is available for speaking engagements on herbs, essential oils, gardening, massage, natural birth control and making herbal preparations.

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