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These unique oils are made with quality whole herbs and essential oils. No artificial preservatives are added. Medicine for your mind, body and spirit. Great for your bath too!!

I trust these oils will relax and mend your body. The whole herb is used in a blend of oils, baked at a low temperature and hand squeezed into its very own bottle. All are made with joy and respect. Here they are:

SOOTHING A five herb mixture of organic Calendula flowers, w/c Arnica flowers, w/c White willow bark, organic Scullcap and Lavender flowers combined in a blend of olive, sweet almond and coconut oils. Lavender essential oil is added to enhance the calming properties of this blend. An overall oil for aches and pains and calming the nervous system.

EUCALYPTUS This pungent oil combined Eucalyptus leaf and w/c Arnica flowers in a base of peanut and coconut oils. For extra aromatherapy zest, the essential oils of eucalyptus, wintergreen and cajeput are added. This multi use oil is for warming sore muscles and to rub on specific muscles that are tight from overuse of exercise and to rub on chest for cold symptoms.

ROSEPETAL A gentle oil for your precious body. The red rosepetals are in a base of sweet almond, olive and coconut oils. Rose fragrance is added for the subtle smell. Enjoy this as a bath oil too!

ST. JOHN’S WORT MEDICINAL MASSAGE OIL A specialty massage oil made from organic olive oil, fresh St. John’s Wort flowers and leaves. Great for inflammation, acute trauma, strains and muscle injury. A must for your first aid kit!! This oil is unscented. Try it, you’ll be surprised!!


PERINEUM OIL A special blend of herbs useful for massaging and stretching the perineal area. This will be helpful in preventing episiotomies. Organic Calendula flowers and organic Comfrey leaf are in a base of olive oil. No fragrance is added to insure against skin reactions.

BELLY OIL This specific oil is made for mothers to be!! It is useful to help the skin stretch and stay moisturized. Rub on day and night to avoid stretch marks. Made of olive oil, Calendula flowers, Comfrey leaf, Gotu kola leaf, and Lavender essential oil. It’s yummy!!


FRUITY PATOOTYcontains grape seed oil as a carrier with an array of essential oils: sweet orange, lemon, tangerine and fennel. Light and uplifting!

SPRING FLING contains grape seed oil as a base along with the essential oils of tangerine, geranium and spearmint. A delicious combo of floral, mint and citrus

FULL CIRCLE contains grape seed oil as a carrier oil along with essential oils of tangerine, lemon, spearmint, patchouli and grapefruit, along with vanilla fragrance!! Rooty and grounding!!

REFRESH contains grape seed oil as a base oil and the essential oils of sweet orange, lemon, tangerine, mandarin orange, grapefruit, lemongrass and spearmind. Fruity and minty!!

ARTHRITIS RUB This potent blend of essential oils are to be used externally only. Rub on affected sore areas as needed. Contains essential oils of juniper, cypress, sweet birch and helichyrsum in a base of organic St. John's wort oil.

arthritis rub

F.Y.I. w/c means wildcrafted, or collected from the wild.
Organic means no herbicides were used on plant or land where it was grown.



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