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Coyote Moon Spa Services / Facials / Waxing
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Steam Canopy Detox
$ 85
Duration - 1hr

Help your skin and kidney to detox by sweating easily while relaxing in an aroma steam. Dry Skin Brushing and Scalp aromamassage included

Organic Body Polish
Duration - 80 min

Exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin with a combination of aromatic oils and gentle grains.

Paraffin Wax Treatments
Hands - $10
Feet - $10
Back - $15
Face - $15

Penetrating heat for achy arthritic joints, fibromyalgia and sore muscles

Therapeutic Massage
$75 Duration - 75 minutes
$90 Duration - 90 minutes

An experience filled with aromas and gentle firm pressure. Allow yourself to be transformed through touch!

Hot Stone Massage
Duration - 75 minutes

A true pleasure is found with heated stones massaged and placed on your body. Get grounded and refreshed with a truly different mode of massage.



Herbal Back Treatment
Duration 1 hour

An incredible experience of massage and essential oils used to cleanse, nourish and tone your back. Organic herbs and grains scrub your back squeaky clean and moisturize with non clogging jojoba oil.


Organic Herbal Facial

Custom blended aromatic herbs and grains for a one of a kind facial!! Nourishing flowers such as Rose petals, Lavendar and Calendula are in the mask. Toners include Witch Hazel and Lemongrass, along with exotic oils such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Rose.


Mask of Island Delights

Revitalize your skin with exotic Caribbean favorites...Pina Colada, Mango, Aloe, or Pumpkin!!


A new technique without crystals, chemicals or suction!! The Dermafiles are gentle and give you a smoother, softer skin. This treatment helps clogged pores, reduces sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and reduce scarring & acne legions. It lessens the looks of wrinkles and give you better looking skin in 3 weeks.

Men's Cleanse/Tone

The Mountain Sage cleanser and Pinyon Pine steam towels are combines with a Custom Herbal exfoliant of Organic Sage and raw sunflower seeds. Herbal Mask is custom blended along with a Aromatic ph Balancer. Men, please arrive clean shaven.

Using either soft/hard wax, the following areas can be treated.
Eyebrows - $15
Lip/Chin - $10
Arms - $40
Legs half (over knee) - $30
Legs Full - (no bikini) - $50
Armpits - $20
Bikini - $30
Back - $30 to $60


A few guidelines to follow when getting waxed:

  • Do not get waxed while menstruating or a week before period. It hurts more.
  • Use a numbing agent 15-30 minutes before waxing, if sensitive.
  • Do get a shower before getting waxed.
  • Do not use skin/acne peels before getting face wax.
  • Avoid the sun for 24 hours after waxing.
  • Do use lotions after waxing.
  • Use a scrub in 5 days to help ingrown hairs.


Coyote Moon
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A Natural Difference
Organic pumpkin peel
Mango Peel
Depigmentation facial

Emmince Organics

Lotus Moon

Custom Blends of Organic Herbs for a one of a kind facial.
Just for You!

  • Cleansing creams with no artificial preservatives
  • Exfoliants with herbs and jojoba beads
  • Exotic Facial Masks with fruits, calendula, roses, mint, lavender and essential oils.

A truly different facial and body experience!!