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Massage Testimonials

"I think of you each time I play that tape of lovely music you made for me. It's still a favorite. Heart felt thanks for the most perfect gift - a 1 hr aromatherapy massage!"
~ Rosemary G. VT

" Your gift to me was priceless. The aromatherapy & massage give me a time to disconnect from my world and to feel your energy and strength. The experience was so rejuvenating. Thank you for your friendship and knowledge you've shared with me."
~ Pat D. Pensacola, FL

"I love how you make me feel so cared for when I come in not only does my body feel great, but my mental outlook is always better after seeing you. "
~ Kris B Pensacola, FL

"Thanks for the massage and therapy session!"
~ Janice W. Pensacola, FL

"Thank you for fitting me into your busy schedule and for the wonderful massage. What a genuine treat to be so thorougly pampered and given an ultimate treatment to relax and unwind. My previous experience can not begin to compare with you marvelous one!! When I come back to visit, please pencil me in as I am truly looking forward to a repeat experience."
~ Sandy D. Checoia, PA

Herb Product Testimonials

"By the way, I tried the Passion flower tincture last week. It works really well for pre-test anxiety and I used it for sleep. I got a full 8 hour rest instead of the usual 6.5 hours."
~J.D. Pensacola, FL

"I have been using one of your products. Coyote Moon calendula salve for some time now; its the best product I've found for my rough skin. I apply it to my hands at night before retiring and it works wonders."
~ William P Gainesville, FL

Concerning goldendseal-comfrey salve. "This salve is miraculous - my father is in a convalescent home and is developing some skin issues. My parents have used it for similar issues and it has worked. The salve is making good impressions on my fathers allopathic doctors!! The salve has kept my father from getting bedsores - truly a wonder"
~ Nancy G Leona, TN

"I'm having another baby - so I need the best stuff - Coyote Moon Herb Products"
~ Kim T Jacksonville NC

"Met you at SE Herb Fest - great belly oil and floral facial toner."

"Thanks Theresa for your superb products"
~ Nancy T.

"Thanks for your amazing St. Johns Oil"
~ Lee W. FL

"Thanks Theresa, you're a life saver. Don't know what I'd do without your tinctures when things are so rough with the sudden changes in weather, pollen and pollution. So glad I learned about this and you. May the powers that be bless you.

~Clara Milton, FL

Class Testimonials

"Hi Theresa, how fun to receive the pictures today. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You are so charming and fun. I was so disgruntled and lets just face it "pissed off" which I have been since I started midwifery school! Anyhow, after drinking your potions and soaking up your beautiful, fun, mellow, energy, I felt so good by the end of the second day, I didn't want to leave you. I've got all my herbs in glass jars with labels and dates right on the counter, and my children and I love mixing up a special brew every day. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, in such a relaxed and engaging spirit."
~ Best always, Katrina

"I am very glad you touched my life. Meeting you, attending the meeting at your home opened up my longing for spiritual growth. It was a new beginning for me... I think of you often."
~ Rebecca G. AZ

" I loved the camaraderie"

"Enjoyed making our own oils to experiment with - good class"

"Enjoyed the fragrances and interactions with the oils. Let's do it again!"

"Theresa is so knowledgeable that my every question was answered, and of course she made it all so much fun!"

"Loved the hands on after learning about the oils."

"It is always obvious how much you love this work and love to share your knowledge and passion for it."

"Its evident you love your work and it inspired me to study and use aromatherapy now."

"I enjoyed all of it, but especially making my own items and the demonstration of bath salts and facial."

"I really enjoyed the class and being able to take oils and lotions home with me."

"Was a lovely time and thanks for lunch."

"Your classes are always fun."

"Too short - sorry it has to send and enjoyed most - Theresa's charming personality. Great 2 hours. Best we've had to date. Enjoyed most - all of it - guess the scent game was fun as always."
~ Pam

"You were nothing like I imagined you are indeed a very warm, light hearted person with great humor."

"I love your presentation technique...personable & witty & not complicated."

"Interaction and opportunity to waft various oil as we are learning about the."

"You express the joy of your work - it's refreshing."

"Enjoyed most - The handouts and getting to make something to take home."

"Beautiful and fun presentation, lovely spirit, great, knowledgeable."

Spa Weekend Testimonials

"The handouts were and are a wonderful resource and I appreciate all the work that went into it."

"Perfect balance of lecture, demo and practice."

"Thank you for your loving, gentle & playful spirit. Enjoyed the treatments"



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