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Tincture List

What are Tinctures?


AMERICAN GINSENG (Panax Quinequefolium) This esteemed root is known for its rejuvenating effects and used to promote longevity.Try this before any physical activity to build endurance. Used to balance the body’s metabolism, lessen stress effects and is an aphrodisiac!! Don’t use with a fever; it’s better when you are on the mend or after surgery.

ANTISPASMODIC (w /c Crampbark (viburnum opulus), w /c blue cohosh rt. (caulophyllum thalictroides), w /c white willow bark (salix alba), and organic scullcap leaf (scutellaria lateriflora). I created this particular formula to overcome my menstrual cramps. Works great. A quick remedy for leg pains,hicoughs and headaches. A good alternative to over-the-counter drugs.

ASHWAGANDA (organic withania somnifera) This renowned herb has been used in India and Ayurvedic medicine for 1,000's of years. Commonly used as an adaptogen and building vitality and endurance while under stressful conditions. It is rejuvenating, balancing, strengthening and calming to the nervous system. Known also for it's aphrodisiac qualities and increasing sexual stamina.


BETTER BITTERS (org. dandelion rt., ho shou wu, org. orange peel, and org. hawthorn berry). A complete digestive helper for the liver, heart and pancreas. Useful for sugar cravings, heart deficiency and indigestion.

BILBERRY (w/c vaccinium myrtillus). These berries are know to strengthen capillaries in the eyes, veins and helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. It has been scientifically validated to help with visual acuity. It improves night vision & strengthens retinal capillaries. Do not use during pregnancy or while taking blood thinners.

BLACK COHOSH (w /c cimifuga racemosa) A well- known women’s herb useful for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and irritability.It helps to bring on delayed menstruation and for hormonal imbalance. Also used in conjunction with blue cohosh for assisting labor and delivery.

BLACK WALNUT (w /c juglans nigra hulls) An enemy to yeast and fungal growths. This inhibits amoebic activity in the body and helps with diarrhea and dysentery symptoms.

BLUE COHOSH (w /c caulophyllum thalictroides) A wonderful women’s herb useful in labor and childbirth. This root helps to bring on the period (emmenagogue) and has been of great help in relieving menstrual cramps and pain. **Do NOT use during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.


CAYENNE (org. capiscum frutescens) This herb is reputed for the circulatory system and sluggish bowels. Start off with small doses . Dr. Christopher used it to stop heart attacks. It contains vitamin K to help staunch hemorrhaging. A wonderful herb to keep you warm through the winter months!!

CHAPARRAL (w /c larrea tridentata) A native potent herb used for lymph cleansing. Useful for swelling in lymph nodes and also good for parasites and fungal conditions. Contains a non toxic anti- tumor substance.

COMFREY (Organic symphytum officinalis) An green leafy herb, rich in chlorophyll and allantoin. Formerly called ”knitbone”; it will help mend broken bones, torn ligaments and bruises. Also, a specific for lung ailments such as allergies, coughs, and cold symptoms.

CRANIUM COMFORT ( org. rosemarinus officinalis, org. scutellaria lateriflora, and w/c salix alba) , A combination of herbs that have been traditionally used for headaches and migraines. Try it also for relaxing tight neck muscles.


DAMIANA (w /c turnera aphrodisiaca) A renowned aphrodisiac. A tonic for male and female reproductive systems. Works like a charm!!

DANDELION / BARBERRY ( Organic taraxacum officinalis, w /c berberis vulgaris) Useful for liver stagnation and congestion. Helps stimulate pancreas and spleen. Helps improve your digestive juices!

DIGEST (org. gentiana lutea, and citrus limon) The ultimate bitter herb; yet effective for stomach underacidity and enzyme loss. A great combo to take before eating “rich” foods and desserts. If you like sweets, you may need some bitter in your diet!!

DONG QUAI ( w /c angelica sinensis) A chinese herbal root that is hormonally balancing to women and very tonifying to their reproductive system. Good also for a blood purifier. Recommended for any woman having reproductive challenges.


ECHINACEA (w / c echinacea angustifolia) A strong immune builder; great for overcoming sickness. Useful for strengthening and cleansing the lymph and blood stream.

ENERGY (Contains: ephedra ( org. ma huang *), ho shou wu( w/c polygonum multiflorum), ginseng (w/c panax quinequefolium), dong quai (w/c angelica sinensis), damiana (w/c turnera aphrodisiaca), and cayenne ( w/c capiscum frutescens). **DO NOT use if you have high blood pressure or heart related disease. A combination of herbs that will give you an extra boost!! A safer alternative to drugs or caffeine.


FENU-COMF (w / c fenugreek seeds ( foenumgraecum) and comfrey leaf ( org. symphytum officinalis) . Two herbs that really work well for sinus congestion and allergies. Can be used on children with stuffy noses!! Safe to use during pregnancy.

FEVERFEW (org. chrysanthemum partenium) This freshly made tincture is widely known to be potent against migraine headaches. The bitterness is good for liver congestion and indigestion.

FOTI ALSO KNOWN AS HO SHOU WU (w/c polygonum multiflorum root) A Chinese herb used for rejuvenating the body. Used along with American Ginseng root for longevity. Very beneficial to ligaments, muscles and tendons. Helps get the day started right!!


GARLIC (org. allium sativum) This widely used herb can be taken for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Antibacterial and antiseptic, garlic is good for sore throats and to prevent parasites/ amoebas from taking up residence. It’s diluted for earaches and can be placed in food for garlic flavor!!

GINGER (org. zingiber officinalis) This aromatic root is excellent for indigestion, morning sickness and nausea in pregnancy. Also used for motion sickness while riding in boats, planes and cars. Warming and spicy, it will soothe your tummy! Can be drank as a tea during labor to connect with root chakra energy!!

GINGKO (org. gingko biloba) This monumental old tree species is used for a variety of brain functions - to increase memory and thinking, to oxygenate the blood and brain and research shows it helps with early Alzheimer’s disease. It is a cardiovascular and nervous system tonic and helps hard to heal wounds.

GOLDENSEAL (w/c hydrastis canadensis) A widely used Native herb that is powerful in its properties. Useful for viruses and mucous membrane problems such as sore throat, styes, and bacterial dysentery. Do NOT use more than 10 days. If wanting to detoxify the liver, use Dandelion/Barberry, as it is non toxic and can be taken for 3-6 months without harmful effects.

GOTU KOLA (w/c centella asiatica) An herb known to be a brain stimulant - useful for studying, senility, memory loss. Can be used for meditating and focus. Known to help with wounds and the nervous system.

GRAVEL ROOT (aka Joe Pye root and Queen of the Meadow - w/c eupatorium purpureum) A stately herb reaching 12 feet high, a must for kidney ailments and to help dissolve stones. Used in combo with marshmallow root to help ease the passing of gravel and to coat the urinary tract.


HAWTHORN COMBO (org. hawthorn berry, w/c red salvia, org. gingko leaf, org. wild oats, org. motherwort and others! An incredible heart tonic for angina, irregular heartbeat, anxiousness and for oxygenating the blood. Tastes really good too!!

HOPS ( organic humulus lupulus) Good for folks with nervous stomach, spastic colon, lack of appetite and insomnia.


INFLA-MEND (Contains yucca root, tumeric root, licorice root, devil's claw, St. John's wort, black cohosh root, kava kava root, cinnamon and barberry bark) This formula is chock full of anti inflammatory roots and herbs known to help with pain and inflammation. Useful for arthritis, bursitis and swollen areas on the body. Take internally as needed.

IRON TONIC (org. nettles, org. yellow dock, org. dandelion rt., and w/c squawvine) Useful for anemia, deficient iron in blood and as a vitamin supplement for use during pregnancy. Gives you a pick me up when fatigued!!


JUNIPER BERRIES (w/c juniperus communis) These fruits are useful for kidney imbalances and urinary tract problems. Combine with marshmallow root to soothe an irritated bladder.


KAVA KAVA (w/c piper methysticum) An overall body/ muscle relaxer. Useful to help insomnia and calm a restless mind/ body. It combines with St. John’s wort for anxiety and a good night’s sleep!


LOBELIA (w/c lobelia inflata) A known and disputed herb that has been used for lung ailments and to reduce nicotine cravings. Known to be a ”carrier” herb. Helps other herbs to synergistically find the places they need to go!!


MARSHMALLOW (w/c althea officinalis) A known soothing demulcent used for cystitis, inflammations, and soothing to any irritated mucous membrane (stomach, urethra, etc..)

MILK THISTLE (organic silymarin marianum) This seed is potent for liver flushing and protecting against hepatitis, environmental pollutants, jaundice. Helps with regeneration of new liver cells. Good for people in drug/alcohol recovery, hormonal imbalances and detoxing the body.

MOTHERWORT (organic leonurus cardiaca) A soothing, beautiful herb tonifying to the heart and nerves. Helpful to new mothers and used for labor pains, hypertension, worry warts, and the broken hearted. Easily grown from seed, this herb is throughout my potted plants!!


PASSION FLOWER (organic passiflora incarnata) A calming herb that has been traditionally used for restlessness, insomnia, nervousness and general upsets. Also known as Maypop.

PAU D’ ARCO (w/c tabebuia impetiginosa) An antifungal plant from S. America widely used for candida, athlete’s foot, sugar cravings. May be mixed with black walnut, garlic and marshmallow for treatment of fungus in the body. It’s long been known as important plant medicine for treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, glandular disorders; its history and use is traced back to Mayans/Incans who regard it as an important healing herb.

PENNYROYAL (w/c mentha pulegium) A known menstrual promoter (emmenagogue); also good to sweat out a fever when drank hot in tea!

PLANTAIN COMBO (organic plantago major, organic rosehips and organic calendula flowers) This combination is used for a variety of external first aid treatments such as insect bites, splinters and wounds. Used internally as a demulcent (soother) to help with ulcers, urinary tract infections. This formula is called a vulnerary- meaning it heals wounds or inflammation in or out of the body!!


RASPBERRY(organic rubus idaeus) Known for building the blood as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the blood and is used during pregnancy for preventing anemia. Drank as a tea during labor to keep the mother’s energy high!!

RED CLOVER /BURDOCK (organic trifolium pratense and organic arctium lappa) A blood purifying formula with no toxicity useful for skin problems and eruptions, hives, ant and spider bites and toxic blood conditions.

REISHI COMPLEX (w/c reishi mushroom, w/c shitake mushroom, w/c astragalus root, w/c Siberian ginseng, w/c wild indigo, w/c schizandra berry and organic gingko.) A gift from the Royal family in China, these mushrooms and herbs are the esteemed herbs used for treating sickness in the Royalty! Immune building, nontoxic and fortifying- great for allergies, infections and preventative against colds and flus. In TCM, reishi is used also to calm the spirit and nourish the heart.

RHODIOLA (Rhodiola rosea) This plant has been used in Russia for centuries to help cope with stress and harsh living conditions. Known also as golden root, studies show it improves mood and alleviates mild depression. It increases mental and physical performance and relieves fatigue. Caution if used in p.m. it may keep you awake!


ST. JOHN’S WORT (w/c hypericum perfolatum) A widely commercialized herb known to help with mild depression. The flowers are used in massage oil for muscle soreness. An ancient witches brew!! The tincture is specific for muscle spasms and can combine with scullcap for pain. Do NOT use if taking MAO inhibitors, SSRI inhibitors, cyclosporine, Indinavir, Warfarin, Theophylline, Amitriptyline, Digoxin based drugs.

SARSASPARILLA (w/c smilax ornate) A hormonal tonic for men and women. It helps with chronic reproductive imbalances, heavy bleeding with menopausal symptoms and creates more endurance and vitality in the body. This is the main root used in Jamaican “Roots” mixture!!

SAW PALMETTO (w/c serrenoa repens) A Florida herb that is widely used for helping to keep a healthy prostate. Is also wonderful for ovarian cysts and helping with hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Very nutritive to the reproductive organs of both sexes.

SCULLCAP (organic scutellaria lateriflora) A relaxing herb to help put you in the “smooth” mode; useful for insomnia, restlessness and pain. Also a good antispasmodic for hiccoughs and muscular spasms.

SHEPHERD’S PURSE (w/c capsella bursa-pastoris) A natural source of vitamin K. Good for laboring mothers and for any kind of internal or external bleeding.

SIBERIAN GINSENG (w/c eleutherococcus senticosus) This herb acts as support for the adrenal glands and is a kidney tonic. Good for menopause, night sweats and fatigue. An overall helpful root that adapts our body to stress--known as an adaptogen.

SINUS SOOTHE (w/c ma huang and w/c euphrasia officinalis) Try this combo as a decongestant for your frontal sinus. Use along with a facial massage to aid free breathing. Do NOT use with hypertension, and heart disease. Do NOT use with other decongestants or Digoxin.

SQUAWVINE (w/c mitchella repens) This herb was used by the Indians as a tonic during pregnancy. It’s a good uterine toner and can help to make your labor easier.

STINGING NETTLES (organic urtica dioica) This very green herb is one of my favorites in treatment of anemia and low energy. Also researched for treatment of sinus allergies in Europe—widely used as a nontoxic blood tonic.


UVA URSI (w/c arctostaphlos uva ursi) A well known remedy for kidney and bladder upsets; also for bed wetting from kidney weakness.


VALERIAN (organic valeriana officinalis) An herbal root known to be an effective sleep inducer (sedative) and pain reliever. Do NOT use with other tranquilizers, alcohol, analgesics.

VITEX (organic vitex agnus castus) Also known as Chaste Tree. This phyto-hormonal plant is suited for treating imbalanced hormones and irregular menstrual periods. It will help stimulate normal menstrual cycles.


WHITE WILLOW (organic salix alba) A bark that has been traditionally used for pain and headaches. A safe alternative to aspirin.

WILD YAM (w/c dioscorea villosa) Useful for hormonal imbalances and “hot flashes” in menopause. Can be used for strengthening hormones in the bloodstream, nausea in pregnancy, infertility, endometriosis and miscarriage. No known side effects and it’s nontoxic.


YARROW (organic achillea millefolium) An ancient herb used to treat menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, postpartum bleeding and to tonify bladder. Also good to use for sweating out a fever.


9TH MONTH TONIC (organic raspberry, black cohosh, organic blue cohosh, organic alfalfa leaf) Used in 3rd trimester of pregnancy as a classic toner for the uterus and to strengthen uterine contractions. Do not use during 1st and 2nd trimesters.

F.Y.I. w/c means wildcrafted, or collected from the wild.
Organic means no herbicides were used on plant or land where it was grown.